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The Cider Core

 The Cider Core is a joint venture between three Herefordshire producers - Greggs Pit, Olivers Cider & Perry and Once Upon A Tree

It is a makers’ cooperative, passionate about the production and promotion of premium quality craft cider and perry.

Core values and philosophy - All three partners:
• Are family run businesses based in Herefordshire;
• Own their own orchards, practice traditional orchard management and promote biodiversity;
• Produce their own craft cider and perry;
• Make their products with 100% raw pressed juice, rather than concentrates;
• Have deep knowledge of named fruit varieties and their vintage qualities/character;
• Use genuine Herefordshire cider apple and perry pear varieties (and some named vintage varieties originating from other counties – e.g. Gloucestershire & Somerset); and
• Celebrate the historic and cultural connections between orchards, fruit varieties, people and places;
• Have won national awards.

The Cider Core at The Three Counties Cider Shop is a cider centre of excellence promoting the partners’ brands equally, with guest ciders and perries, wine and complementary local food products also available. There is an events programme including unique product releases, bespoke tastings, cider and perry making training courses, guided orchard tours to ‘walk, talk and taste’, ‘meet the trees and the makers’ and 'drink the view’.




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