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Tumpy GroundTumpy Ground
Draught Cider
Herefordshire PGI Cider
20 Litre Bag in Box Medium Still Cider
(note delivery charge equivalent to 1 case)

Our draught, still cider is clear & golden in colour, medium in style and made from a blend of cider varieties, (Somerset Redstreak, Dabinett, Ellis Bitter & Browns Apple). Aromas of blackberry leaf, melon and pineapple following onto the palate with rich, mouth-filling apple, a hint of tropical fruits and a full body. Plentiful soft tannins and a gentle sweetness to the finish. An unusual and distinctive cider.

Bag in Box will last for at least 3 months once opened.

Great way to serve cider for parties!

Best Medium Cider -  2nd place Big Apple Cider and Perry Trials 2013

Best Medium Cider - 3rd Place International Cider and Perry Competition 2012

Best Medium Cider -  3nd place Big Apple Cider and Perry Trials 2012

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