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Once Upon A Tree Perry
Once Upon A Tree Medium Dry Perry
Herefordshire PGI Perry
50cl Dry Sparkling Perry

Pale golden, citrus, elderflower and elegant pear aromas. Gently sparkling, delicate sherbet lemon and pear, and a soft rounded finish. Perfect with soft cheese, risotto dishes or fresh pea or broad-bean salad.

Discount if you buy 12 or more bottles of this perry - £2.50 per bottle!


They say that the best perry comes from the trees that grow within sight of May Hill. Luckily our perry orchards have fantastic views of this landscape icon! We tease the very best from these difficult, hard, bitter and mouth puckeringly astringent, ancient pear varieties. Skill and a hint of serendipity yields a drink that is often referred to as the nectar of the Gods!

Our new carbonated range is made with fresh pressed juice, fermented and diluted to 5% alcohol for an easy drinking style - refreshing and clean.


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