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Once Upon A Tree Medium Cider
Once Upon A Tree Medium Cider
Herefordshire PGI Cider
50cl Dry Sparkling Cider

Golden ripe bittersweet apples with a hint of butterscotch. Gently sparkling, soft tannins and a rounded fruity finish.

This cider is perfect on its own, or as a terrific accompaniment to charcuterie, strong hard cheese, roasted squash or sweet potato chips.

Discount if you buy 12 or more bottles of this cider - £2.50 per bottle!


For us, it’s all about our little corner of Herefordshire. Not only do we have the perfect climate, soil and topography to produce top quality fruit, but also the history and culture going back centuries. These are the ingredients that make our remarkable cider, proudly Herefordshire!

Our new carbonated range is made with fresh pressed juice, fermented and diluted to 5% alcohol for an easy drinking style - refreshing and clean.


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