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Once Upon A Tree Wild Flight
Once Upon A Tree - Wild Flight
Herefordshire PGI Cider
37.5cl Dry Bottle Conditioned Cider

Made with 100% Dabinett apples fermented with wild yeast naturally occuring in the orchard. This cider was matured for over three years in bottle before release to allow the cider to realise its full potential.
Mature and rich flavoured, with an abundance of bittersweet fruit, creamy soft tannins and a gentle fizz. Delicious on its own or accompanying roast belly pork, or rich, earthy mushroom dishes.

25 pence from the sale of each bottle will be donated to the International Centre of Birds of Prey 

Discount if you buy 12 or more bottles of this cider - £4.00 per bottle!


International Centre for Birds of Prey

The International Centre of Birds of Prey are based in Newent, just a few miles from us.  We are delighted to be involved with the Little Owl Nest Box Project, hosting a nest box in our orchards, adjacent to the Dabinett used to make this cider. This collaboration we hope will help raise awareness and fund the work being undertaken looking into the sharp population decline of this most characterful bird of prey.

Dragon Orchard is located in the heart of apple growing countryside in Herefordshire and has been in the family since 1887. It benefits from fertile Herefordshire clay and loam soils and is protected from harsh winds by the surrounding hills. It’s an accredited LEAF farm (Linking Environment and Farming) and the farmhouse has been awarded for its sustainability.


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